Vitamin Shots


Many of our nutrients are hard to extract if digestion is less than optimal. Decreased sleep, increased stress, eating on the run, food sensitivities and inflammation can all alter the availability of the nutrients. Also, these vitamins become quickly depleted under mental or physical stress, toxicity, and poor diet.

Vitamin shots, or injections, are a potent and prescription-only version of vitamins in a form that is safe to inject into the body. Vitamin shots are usually administered under the skin, in a muscle or vein. When a vitamin shot is received, the body is saturated with vitamins, and every cell has as much as it needs right away. Many patients feel this immediately and enjoy the boost of nutrients.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 injections are a dietary supplement used to treat deficiencies. They have also been shown to have a calming and energizing effect on patients whose blood levels did not indicate any deficiency of the vitamin.

Deficiency Effects

Diagnoses of low levels of vitamin B12 in patients have been associated with low sperm counts, fatigue, anemia, and even tinnitus. Treatment of a deficiency is a challenge because only a small percentage of the vitamin is absorbed through the digestive system. This makes vitamin B12 injections the more effective treatment.

Prevention and Proactive Treatment

Long-term deficiencies of vitamin B12 can induce a condition called pernicious anemia, which is characterized by an enlargement of the red blood cells. The condition can manifest itself in symptoms of dementia and memory problems. It could also cause headaches and, in some cases, may even cause a stroke. Pernicious anemia can be life-threatening and patients need to make sure they receive enough supplementary B12 throughout their lives.

Slim Shots Vitamin Injections

A mixture of B vitamins, amino acids, and lipotropic agents. Slim Shot injections can help you lose weight in two ways; boosting your energy and metabolism, and increasing the removal of fat from the body by enhancing liver function. These “fat-burning” lipotropic injections can be done as frequently as once or twice a week.

Vitamin D Injections

Most of us are very deficient in Vitamin D.  Vitamin D, or the sunshine vitamin, is actually a hormone produced by the skin. It plays a part in bone health and can be a determinant factor in developing many diseases because of its role in inflammation. Vitamin D is also a major component of nervous system functioning.

Vitamin D deficiency is an unrecognized epidemic among both children and adults in the United States. Vitamin D deficiency not only causes rickets among children but also precipitates and exacerbates osteoporosis among adults and causes the painful bone disease osteomalacia.

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased risks of deadly cancers, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

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